After spending so much time indoors during the past year, a summer full of fun activities and events is a warm welcome. If you want to ensure that you and your family aren’t in a funk and have plenty of things to do, check out this list.

1. Go hiking!

Hiking is one of the best ways to get out there and explore with your family. However, you want to make sure you’re going somewhere that your family members can handle it (especially the kiddos)! Here’s other things to consider: appropriate footwear, lots of snacks, interesting things to look at like ponds or waterfalls.

2. Conduct science experiments in your own backyard.

This is a great way to keep your kids’ brains going over the summer. There are many different experiments you can do; get creative! 

3. Bring out the water balloons.

What else is better on a hot day than having a water balloon fight. You could just play casually, make some teams, or do whatever. Plus did you know there’s reusable water balloons out there?

4. Have a family cookout.

Barbecuing is a summer classic, so why not have a yummy meal of barbecue food? 

5. Observe birds by making your own bird feeder.

Birds are fascinating to watch, and you can teach your children about their diet by creating your own bird feeder

6. Snack on homemade popsicles.

Another great solution for the summer heat is some cold refreshing popsicles. This handy guide can help you with the whole process. 

7. Have an outdoor game night.

Use some creative liberty with this one! Play whatever your family likes; whether it’s Jenga, a traditional board game, charades, or corn hole. 

8. Visit the zoo.

Take advantage of this trip to teach your kids about how different animals deal with the summer sun. 

9. Set up some planter gardens.

Watching plants grow is a great way to learn about seed germination and more. Even better is when you let your kids choose what veggies to plant so you know they’ll go to good use!

10. Head on out to the beach.

Soak up the sun and visit the beach! Plus you can make sandcastles, eat some ice cream, or go mini golfing.

Final thoughts

Let us know what you think about these activities. Do you have plans to do some of these things already? What else do you have planned?