Springtime is often welcomed by many after the cold winter months. The warm spring weather, however, brings pollen and other irritating allergens. This is where air purifiers, filters, and other air quality products from AprilAire brings healthy air into your home.

Here are some of the ways you can prepare your home for springtime allergens as well as the products that can help.

Prepping Your AC for Warmer Weather

As the weather increasingly shifts from cold and snowy to warm and sunny, you should consider inspecting your air conditioner to see if it’s ready once the intense hot weather comes. It’s better to prepare ahead of time; you don’t want to find out that your air conditioner isn’t working properly on a sweltering hot summer day.

First, you shouldn’t forget about your AC and other HVAC units while you are doing any spring cleaning. While most of the HVAC maintenance is done by professionals, homeowners can do their own maintenance by ensuring that the condensers, filters, and ducts are clean and free of debris. 

The same can be said about your outdoor units. A lot of debris can build up over the winter months when your units may have gone unused. Keeping the area clear from or even overgrown plants can ensure that your HVAC works properly.

You may also want to consider investing in a home automation thermostat. Aprilaire’s home automation temperature system helps you control your home’s temperature from anywhere. It will also send you alerts to inform you when filters or water panels need replacing. Home automation helps you increase the comfort in your home (and can even help you lower your energy bills) but it also can reduce any airborne viruses or allergens in your home. 

Purifying Indoor Air

The best way to reduce allergy issues within your home is to invest in some high-quality air purifiers. Air purifiers can be especially beneficial for those with asthma. It’s helpful to regularly vacuum any fabric surfaces like beds, carpets, and floors to reduce pollutants and other allergens. However, it doesn’t always help remove the top asthma irritants (pet dander, pollen, and dust mites) from the air. 

This is where air purifiers will come in handy. The whole purpose of an air purifier is to cycle new air into the stale air inside your home. Many home air purifiers have HEPA filters, which will capture any irritating pollutants in your air. HEPA filters also keep your air purifier running efficiently for much longer. 

Cleaning Filters

As you’d expect, your air filters can get gunked up with much of the debris they are filtering out. It’s important to regularly clean out your air filters, not only the ones in your air purifiers but any filter within your HVAC system. This keeps your systems running as efficiently as possible. 

Balancing the Humidity in Your Home

Finding the perfect level of humidity is more important than you might expect. When humidity levels are too low, you may notice that your nose and other mucous membranes are way too dry and irritated. When humidity levels are too high, you’re at risk of mold growth. 

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are products to help you achieve that perfect balance in your home. Because spring brings warmer weather, you should consider investing in a dehumidifier if you don’t already have one.

Detecting Radon

Radon is a very dangerous radioactive gas that forms when certain minerals underground begin to decay. The exact level of radon exposure depends on where you live, due to the fact that radon comes from the environment. 

Radon is dangerous because it’s one of the largest sources of radiation exposure. In fact, radon is the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Because radon comes up from the ground, lower levels of homes will collect the most radon. 

Unfortunately, radon is both colorless and odorless, so the only way you can know if your home is exposed to radon is by testing. Radon testing is fairly simple and inexpensive and is recommended to be done annually by the EPA. Companies like AprilAire also provide radon detectors that can detect and mitigate radon. 

Getting Professional Help

We get it, maintaining healthy indoor air can be extremely intimidating. That’s where professionals like us come in handy. We offer indoor air testing and installation and maintenance of HVAC units. Contact us today!