We’ve reached the halfway point of winter; spring is on the horizon and many people are awaiting it eagerly! If you’ve been dealing with dry, itchy skin all season and you’ve just accepted it, don’t worry! Here are some ways to remedy your dry, itchy skin this winter.

Moisturize right after washing

After washing your face, hands, or body, these parts are stripped of their natural oils. These oils lock in moisture, so to keep your body as moisturized as possible, you should use a moisturizer or lotion right after washing your skin. 

Lower your shower time & temperature

Look, we get it. Nothing feels better after a long winter day than a scorching hot shower. But the steam and hot water from these showers can be a major contributor to your dry skin. 

It might also be worth it to reconsider what you bathe with in the winter. Dry winter skin will benefit from treatments for sensitive skin. 

As for exfoliants, try to cut back on exfoliating your cracked, raw, and irritated skin. Any harsh exfoliants you’re using may be breaking down your skin’s moisture barrier, rather than helping it.

Close off your home as much as possible

That pesky winter air may still be getting into your home through any air leaks in doors, windows, attics, or crawl spaces. Sealing off any air leaks not only benefits your skin, but it also lowers your heating costs

Bring moisture into your home with a humidifier

Using a humidifier in your dry home is an excellent way to deal with not only dry skin but also a dry mouth and nose. You should have the humidity levels in your home between 30-50%. Any higher than that and you’re at risk of exposing your home to mold, fungi, dust mite, and more. Keep your humidifier clean to prevent dust and germs spreading in your home. 


We hope that these solutions can help you deal with your dry and itchy winter skin while we all await for the snow to melt and the flowers bloom. How do you deal with your winter skin? We’d love to hear from you!