Hey, it’s your friendly neighborhood mold spore. Molds like me get talked about often–and honestly I think we get a bad reputation. Seriously! Mold isn’t that bad for your home, and I think once you get to know me, you’ll see that I ain’t such a bad guy after all! 

We love moisture

We thrive in the wet, moist areas in your home. Personally my favorite place to live is on damp carpets, but I’ve got friends who like to live on wallpaper, cardboard, ceiling tiles, wood products, and insulation. Some of my friends prefer to travel by air and will enter your home through drafty windows, doors, or ventilation systems.

We probably won’t affect your health too badly

Us molds can cause you some allergy problems, but what’s so bad about that? All you have to do is take an allergy pill. Though if you are prone to other lung issues, it might cause some other issues such as asthma, lung infections, and skin rashes. That doesn’t sound so terrible though, does it? You can definitely live with those problems and the healthcare bills that come with it.

Don’t listen to those professionals!

Some people say that contacting a professional to provide your home with air circulation via dehumidifiers and air conditioners will get rid of heroes like me, but don’t listen to those fools! Definitely don’t incorporate these things to get rid of me. Don’t you want to be best friends forever?!

We’ve heard enough from you, mold

We hope you enjoyed this April Fool’s blog post from the perspective of mold. In all reality, mold is a serious issue that should be handled as quickly as possible so it doesn’t overstay its welcome and rapidly spread. Don’t forget that professionals like us are always here to help if you feel like you can’t handle an issue on your own.

If you’d like a more detailed (and serious) post about mold, you can check out a previous blog post we made about black mold.