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You need your air conditioner to work in peak condition during the summer. You can see this in energy usage, where AC usageĀ increases by 22% during the summer. If you’re facing issues with your AC, it may not work efficiently and cool your home enough, and in the worst case scenario, not work at all.

If you’re facing AC issues, a reputable AC repair company helps this situation. The question is, how do you find the right one?

It starts with asking the right questions. Below are eight questions you must ask when looking for AC repair near me.

1. What AC Experience Do You Have?

The first thing to ask an AC company before you hire them for a job is how much experience in the industry they have. Getting great service from a newer company with fresh people in the industry is possible. However, you’re at more risk if you hire a company without the experience to back up its claims.

The top AC repair companies will have many years in the industry. Their top technicians will have many years in the field and be able to back up their claims with previous work experience and satisfied customers.

2. Are You Certified?

Another way to test that an AC technician has the skills for the job is to check their licenses and certifications. Contractors need licenses in every state to prove they can do the job well and serve customers. Each state has different licensing criteria, but at a bare minimum, they ensure a technician has the proper qualifications.

Another example of a qualification is the EPA certification. HVAC technicians who work with refrigerants are required by law nationally to have this certification. Make sure the company you hire goes through the process to get it.

There may also be other optional certifications. Look to see what the companies you consider promote and decide if they are worth considering.

3. What’s Your Pricing?

The chances are good that you’re looking for affordable AC repair. You want your unit to work correctly, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend a fortune getting it to work.

Call a few Pennsylvania AC repair companies to get quotes. Many companies will charge based on the hours it takes to perform the job and add additional costs based on the parts needed for the repair.

Don’t just go for the lowest price possible when considering cost. Find the company that offers the best value for the money.

4. Do You Offer Guarantees?

The last thing you want when getting emergency AC repair is for the job not to be completed right the first time. This is especially true if you’re in the summer months and you need your AC to stay comfortable.

A reputable local AC service will be able to stand by its work. Instead of leaving you on your own when the repair didn’t work or charging more to come out again, reputable companies will ensure you’re happy and the repair works.

You’ll probably find the warranty in the fine print of the company’s work contract. Ask your AC repair company options what their guarantee is and verify that it’s there if you sign any contracts.

5. What’s Your Availability

Some AC issues don’t require immediate service. If all you’re looking for is a tune-up or similar service, you can schedule a service call at your liesure without worrying about much.

But things are different when you have a serious issue. Your AC may not work at all or be blowing out hot air. In these cases, you need help as soon as possible.

Try to find a provider that meets your timeline. Many 24/7 repair companies will show up the next day for emergencies.

6. Are You Insured?

Insurance is a must for any company in the repair industry. They are entering customer homes and making changes. And in some cases, things can go wrong and result in damage.

Companies need insurance to account for potential accidents. At a bare minimum, they should have general liability insurance to cover their property against damage and third parties.

AC companies should also have coverage for their employees. The last thing you want is an injury in your home and your AC repair company not being able to cover any injuries.

7. Do You Have References?

On top of being around for a while, an experienced AC repair company should have many satisfied customers. If possible, see if you can get any references from past customers to learn more about the experience from the customer’s point of view.

If you don’t get any directly from an AC company, you can also check Google reviews to see what customers have to say. Many people now leave reviews online, so there are plenty of sources to find customer experience.

Another place to check is the BBB website. The BBB helps customers resolve complaints, so check to see if there is an excess of bad experiences with an AC repair company.

8. How Can I Improve My AC Performance?

An AC repair company shouldn’t just be able to handle repairs. For reputable companies, their goal should be to ensure you’re running an optimal system.

Many companies will offer AC maintenance tips to homeowners. These are tasks like replacing filters, washing the outdoor condenser unit, and other maintenance tasks.

If a company is willing to help you keep your unit running optimally, they will likely treat you right when you need help from an expert.

Find the Best AC Repair Near Me

Finding the best local AC services in Homer City is essential if you want reliable service that fixes your air conditioner problems. If you want to do your due diligence when hiring a company, that means understanding the questions to ask to help you determine if a company can do the job. Be sure to ask the questions above when vetting companies to ensure you hire the right one.

If you’re looking for a reliable company for AC repair near me, Eagle Air Service is here to help. We’ve been providing great results for residents of Indiana, PA for the past 35 years. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how they can help you take care of your AC.