As energy efficiency is becoming more popular as a way to both save money and help the environment, homeowners are embracing smart technology. With summer and winter being relatively expensive seasons due to the use of constant cooling and heating, you may be considering upgrading the technology in your home. Here are some smart ways to make your home efficient this summer.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats could be considered a homeowner’s introduction to smart technology. They are usually easy to use, with the bonus ability to control temperature no matter where you are. Smart thermostats also pick up on your daily habits, meaning the temperature will be adjusted without your input.

Mitsubishi Electric’s smart air conditioning system is designed to save space, meaning the installation process is an unobtrusive installation process. Every air unit is environmentally friendly, even without the addition of a smart thermostat.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is another popular first step into embracing smart technology in your home. Smart lights often use LED bulbs, which are more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Similarly to smart thermostats, some smart lights can be turned off via remote no matter your location. Plus, smart lights can be paired with smart thermostats to reduce energy use while on vacation.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are advanced enough to alert homeowners with any issue on their phone. For example, if you leave the door open of a smart fridge, you can get an alert on your phone. If your smart washing machine is broken, you can receive an email about the issue. This is beneficial because you can tackle a problem with your appliance before it gets worse, meaning you save more money.

Not only do they alert you when problems arise, but you can also get notifications about your energy usage. A smart refrigerator that is having internal temperature issues will alert the owner, which can keep the fridge from working overtime to make up for incorrect temperature.


Smart Sprinkler Systems

Smart technology isn’t just beneficial for inside the house; smart irrigation can be utilized to water your lawn as efficiently as possible. Smart sprinklers can track the weather to match with future rain forecasts. They can also water based on the needs of a plant, so not only are you saving energy, but also ensuring healthy plants.

Smart Garage Door Openers

These garage door openers integrate with smartphone apps so that you can open and close the garage door from anywhere. They are cost efficient and some models come with extra batteries in the scenario that there’s a power issue. 

Smart Energy Meters

Lastly, smart energy meters can provide real time updates on your energy usage. It breaks the energy use down to each appliance, meaning a homeowner can determine what appliance is using the most energy. An appliance using more energy than usual could mean that there is an issue, and the earlier you identify it, the better.

Final Thoughts

If you’d like to dip your toe into the world of smart technology, then starting with smart thermostats or smart lighting is a great start. Mitsubishi Electric can provide you with both smart heating and cooling, and plus we offer 0% financing for 24 months. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today!