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It may come as a surprise that the average homeowner spends approximately $6,000 per year on home maintenance. Many of these projects involve making necessary repairs or upgrades. One of the most common obligations is HVAC maintenance.

A key part of maintaining your HVAC unit is ensuring your home has clean air, but not everybody understands when they need air quality testing. Having insight into this obligation will help ensure you keep your home safe for you and your family in Indiana, PA. Let’s explore the key information you should consider about indoor air quality.

Musty or Unusual Smells

It can be difficult to attribute musty or unusual smells to air quality. This is especially true if you have pets.

A common mistake people make is assuming their home’s air quality needs attention after they turn on their heater for the first time in months. After extended periods of nonuse, your heating system will release excess dust and dirt into the air.

Condensation on Walls

Condensation on your home’s walls is a telltale sign of air quality issues. This is true even if only small amounts of compensation are present. Check your walls periodically so you can take action as soon as possible.

You Notice Health Issues

This is one of the most prominent signs you need to have your indoor air quality professionally tested. Many people who live in homes with poor-quality air will experience problems like allergies, nausea, or dizziness.

It’s also possible to feel inexplicably fatigued and have respiratory issues. Left unchecked, these can lead to major health problems. In general, these issues will worsen as air quality decreases.

However, it’s worth noting that you can still experience health problems over long periods of below-average air quality. To clarify, a home with horrible air quality would likely cause health issues to manifest within a few weeks.

If the air quality were slightly below average, it could take months to see complications. Keep this in mind if you have health problems that seemingly arise out of nowhere.

Consequences of Poor Air Quality

There’s no shortage of issues that can arise from poor air quality. In some situations, these can require immediate attention. Listed below are some of the issues.

Respiratory Diseases

As previously mentioned, poor air quality can lead to respiratory issues. In some cases, though, you could experience respiratory disease.

These situations will result in additional health complications without medical treatment or an improvement in air quality. Those who spend more time in their home are more likely to develop problems.

Since so many people work remotely, cases like these are becoming more common. People with asthma are particularly at risk. Poor air quality will exacerbate this condition and make it more likely you will experience an asthma attack.


Many people overlook the fact that poor air quality can cause headaches. These could be mild or severe, and they have the potential to be debilitating.

Someone with intense headaches that stem from poor air quality could find it difficult to complete everyday tasks. The problem with this symptom is that headaches can stem from countless other conditions.

For example, someone can be naturally prone to getting headaches from time to time. If you notice that you only get headaches when spending long periods in your home, you should have your air quality tested.

Cognitive Deficits

If you experience cognitive deficits, air quality could be the culprit. These manifest in the form of memory issues or having problems concentrating.

Keep in mind that it’s easy to recognize when you’re experiencing a cognitive deficit. There’s little ambiguity in these situations.

A scenario might involve you being unable to handle work-related assignments while at home. After spending a few hours outside of your house, you notice you have no problems thinking. Keep an eye out for situations like these so you know when to take action.

Heart Issues

Most people are surprised to learn that air quality is linked to heart problems. Approximately 3.2 million people globally die each year from illnesses related to indoor air pollution.

People who have pre-existing conditions are more at risk of developing complications. Key symptoms include a feeling of tightness in your chest or difficulty breathing.

Finding a Professional

Not all professionals are created equal. It’s essential to research their reputation before moving forward. See what other people have to say online about the experiences they had.

Prioritize service providers with strong positive feedback. However, you should also keep an eye out for fake reviews. These are often posted in batches and contain many similar keywords.

They can be positive or negative, and it’s best to ignore them when making your assessment. What is their pricing structure like? The last thing you want is to encounter financial surprises.

Avoid the cheapest companies you encounter, as these will likely fall short of your goals. This doesn’t mean you need to work with the most expensive providers, though.

There’s a point of diminishing returns regarding what you get from the money you spend. More often than not, a company in the middle of the industry’s price range will help you meet your needs without stretching your budget.

Their level of experience also plays a role in the results you’ll get. Ideally, you’ll find someone who has been in the industry for at least a decade and has frequently worked with people like you.

Enthusiasm is another important attribute to look for. If they aren’t passionate about handling your project, you won’t get the right outcome.

You can assess their enthusiasm by paying attention to the questions they ask. Stay vigilant during your search so you can avoid issues when looking for the best professional.

Never Neglect Indoor Air Quality

The information in this guide will help you take the necessary steps to maintain indoor air quality. From here, you can avoid many issues he would have otherwise encountered. Just be sure to work with the right professional.

Eagle Air Service prides itself on delivering stellar results for each of our customers. We strive to exceed all expectations and have proudly served our industry in Indiana, PA, since 1987. You can learn more about what we have to offer when you get in touch with us today.